The Village Voice

“Voice Choices: Week of August 23-August 29, 2012”
VOL. LVII No. 34: August 22-28, 2012

“Balls of Fury: How Ambidextrous are you?

If we learned anything from watching the Olympic table tennis tournaments, it’s that hitting a tiny ball back and forth is not so easy. Now imagine how much harder 9and more hilarious) it would be to play with your opposite hand. The Gowanus Print Lab is putting that concept to the test with an Opposite-Had Ping Pong Tournament. Sign up with a partner for the chance to walk away with a cash grand prize. To make things even more difficult, there will be an open bar with liquor and beer from Brooklyn Brewery to tempt you. Walk-ins are welcome, but advanced registration is recoomended as space is limited. Good lcuk! At 7 (walk-ins must arrive by 6:30),Gowanus Print Lab, 54 Second Avenue, Brooklyn, 718-788-3930,, RSVP at, $50 per doubles team.”

-Araceli Cruz

Brightest Young Things

“NYC Best Weekend Bets”
August 9th, 2012


“…No, no I said B-52s, not B-Fifty-Booze. But since you’ve already brought up alcohol, this Gowanus Print Lab class sounds right up your alley! The official name is Pints n’ Prints, which is basically just a fancy way of saying drunk drawing. See also: you can drink beer while making art for $15. They say to bring things like pastels and crayons, but they forgot to include “a high tolerance for alcohol” on the list, so maybe bring one of those, too….”

The Brooklyn Paper

Why Paint Nudes When You Can Paint Human–Gorilla Hybrids?
July 24th, 2012


At this drinking and drawing event, beauty is the beast.

The Pints n’ Prints event at the Gowanus Print Lab features impromptu costumes — like a gorilla mask — crayons, and cold beers for artists who are looking for more than just a naked form to paint.

“You can go anywhere and find a pretty face that just sits there,” the studio’s director Ashley Hildreth said. “Our models are clothed, so why don’t we go full throttle and have it be something different?”

Figure drawing sessions typically feature nude models, but the Gowanus Print Lab’s large windows prevents posers from disrobing, so the art studio did the complete opposite: dress the model in layers of costumes.

The off-beat outfits are improvised every event, giving artists a refreshing subject week after week. The costumes have a wide range, from gorilla queen to rockstar housewife, taking the creativity of figure-drawing to another level.

“You get bored drawing standard models. There’s so many places for that,” Hildreth said. “We try to do something fun every time with our event.”

The event costs $15 for unlimited beer and a surprise costume model every other Thursday, and the studio asks that all artists bring their own equipment.

Pints n’ Prints at Gowanus Print Lab [54 Second Ave., between Seventh and Eighth streets, (718) 788–3930,]. $15, July 26 and every other Thursday, 8 pm–10 pm.

Village Voice

“Featured Events”
June 20th-June 26th

“This year, the eighth annual Renegade Craft Fair is giving you the option to create some unique goods and will include hands-on workshops led by the Gowanus Print Lab…”

Courier Life’s
Brooklyn Daily

“Put This On Your Wall”
July 9th, 2012

Paint it black — and red, orange and purple.

Music, album covers and all, may have gone digital long ago, but rock and roll posters still employ a decidedly low-tech form: screen printing.

And a Brooklyn print shop is throwing an exhibition to give these old school East Coast poster designers some much-deserved love.

“I don’t know if it’s so much of a lack of recognition or a lack of community in New York regarding these posters,” said John O’Grady, one of the curators for the East Coast Art of Rock show at the Gowanus Print Lab. “But as far as getting together and knowing each others’ work, that doesn’t happen as much here. Your schedule fills up so much quicker here, so there’s less of a cohesive community in other areas. And that’s part of the reason for the show.”

O’Grady and the rest of the show’s organizers compiled 40 or so prints for the exhibition, showcasing poster art from East Coasters designed for bands like Galactic, Surfer Blood, Primus, Joan Jett, and Further.

And though screen-printed rock posters, which are usually associated more with Baby Boomers than YouTubers, may have reached their heydey in the 60s, with colorful psychedelic posters advertising concerts for groups like the Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, and Cream, the genre has a distinctly modern appeal.

 “People really appreciate being able to see the hand of man — especially in such a digital 
age where people are locked up in a cubicle staring at computer screens each day,” said Ashley Hildreth, the co-founder of the Gowanus Print Lab, which opened in October 2010 and has been expanding ever since. “People who come to the print lab, are really happy to be able to break that.”

The show included the work of many Brooklyn designers, as the form has experienced a bit of a renaissance in the borough despite the challenges artists face to keep costs down.

“Rock posters have been around forever but it feels like they just get more and more popular,” said Mike Tabbie, who co-founded Two Arms Inc., a Greenpoint-based printing company, in 2009 and contributed a handful of posters to the Gowanus show. “In Brooklyn, overhead is higher than other places and space is limited, but it’s fun to be a part of it all here.”

The Gowanus Print Lab, which has exhibitions, studio space and offers screen printing classes, says printing does offer some commercial opportunities that other mediums may not.

“Screen printing, as far as being an art craft can also be an entrepreneurial tactic. A lot of people come here to print things to sell,” said Hildreth.

“The East Coast Art of Rock Show” at the Gowanus Print Lab [54 Second Ave. between Seventh and Eighth streets, (718) 788–3920,]. Through July 21.

Finch & Ada

Quinn vs. Quinn: The Gowanus Print Lab
March 29th, 2012

“Welcome to Quinn vs. Quinn, your review source for arts, culture, and whatever else we both deem acceptable to bring to your attention! Penned by Erica (Quinn) and (Quinn) Daly. 

Hi loyal readers! This week we wandered over to the nearby neighborhood of Gowanus, seeking the fabled Gowanus Print Lab. An unassuming door led to the second-story gallery/studio space, and the rest was history.

QD: After a picturesque misadventure across the canal, I gained this place and was immediately impressed by the fact that the receptionist didn’t scowl at me. This attitude continues throughout. Thoughts?

EQ: Absolutely. I really want to talk about this space in terms of both the current show— The GPL Staff Showcase— and also the importance of it being a community studio space. The receptionist was incredibly friendly and let us walk around and take all these rad pictures [pictured] as we discussed how great and not-douchey the space was. Not-douchey is a quality I hold above most other qualities.

QD: The staff show was impressive. Really tight, clean work, and inspired as well. It was art that made me glad to like art. The pervasive feeling I got was that it was like when any group of people get off of work, let their hair down, and talk shop – relaxed, but still super pro.

EQ: Your last statement is most accurate— I appreciated the feeling of precision and skill without the CRUSHING WEIGHT OF PRETENSION. From abstract shapes to pornographic paintings of Disney figures to sad balloon messages to fiber-reactive dye— the prints were choice pieces in a luxurious jewel box. You know how I like the shiny-s.

QD: The community aspect plays a big part in that, I think. People helping people develop their art? Awesome. If you go in to it with that attitude, how can you fail? It seemed like a very supportive workspace that still makes good stuff. The perfect combo.

EQ: Exactly. I’d love for my experience of the New York art world to reflect more spaces like this— slightly off-radar, but with a significant level of awesomeness. When you put words in your mission statement like “nurture”, “community” and “affordable”, I am pretty much going to melt for you. If the work is also excellent, I’m going to melt harder. Two thumbs. Go see it, immediately.

QD: This show and this space were both comfortable and professional at the same time, which is a rarity. Go see it right now! Every thumb is up.

QvQ gives The Gowanus Print Lab a generous and heartfelt four thumbs up, if that’s possible.

The Gowanus Print Lab is located at 54 2nd Avenue in Brooklyn, NY. Their current show— The Staff Showcase— runs through April 23rd. Visit them for all of your screenprinting needs— whether you are creating, or wanting something to be created for you.”

Brooklyn Betrothed

Gowanus Print Lab: A DIY Wedding Mecca!
February 20th, 2012

“One of the best takeaways from the Love Sick wedding expo a few weeks ago was meeting the ladies of The Gowanus Print Lab. I was invited to tour their lab and was so very pleasantly surprised. Not only is it a wildly spacious and creative spot that would be great for groups (think bridal shower), they have one of the coolest opportunities I’ve seen in a long time. For couples who want to create something original and unique to them, this is the place to take DIY to the next level. The lab offers design and printing services for those looking to create their own printed items and materials.

What does that include?

Save the dates
Welcome Bags
Place Cards
Escort Cards
Favor Packaging
And pretty much anything else you can think of!
Come with an idea or an illustration, and a can-do attitude and they’ll guide you through the process.

I left the lab so inspired and think it could be a great, bonding recreational activity for cool creative couples planning a fun wedding.

Though the process is specific, the sky is the limit as to what you can do. I saw samples of work that has come out of the space and was blown away by what is possible. Check out these amazing invitations printed at the lab!

If you have DIY wedding ideas, I would definitely check out their wonderful workshops here: The next one starts February 27th!”

Mock Turtle Dove

Foray into Screen Printing
February 1st, 2012

“Last week, I took a screen printing 101 class at the Gowanus Print Lab. I have wanted to get into screen printing for a while, and low and behold – a Groupon of all things presented itself last June.

Yes, I took an art class because of Groupon. And I hadn’t taken the class 6 months after I purchased the damn thing. (I know, they’re expecting you to let those things expire so they can cash in on you, but I’m so anal about my money I was able to take the last class before it expired.) 

Everyone in this particular session was a graphic designer (no surprise) and everyone had brought something to print. I was the only person, out of 10 or so who hadn’t brought anything and didn’t even have anything in mind. Ha! Talk about funny. Who goes to a print class unprepared, without an idea of what to print? This girl!

They gave me transparencies and black paint markers and said have fun! I had to think quickly. I looked through the transparency to the oak table it was lying on. Ah-ha! Texture from the wood table. Can’t get much better than that. 

I wanted to see what would happen around the collar. There’s a little bit of ghosting, but I found it interesting.

I would highly suggest this class for any beginner and novice. My teacher, Zeb, was especially cool and soooooo laid back. Everyone was so helpful and knowledgeable. The main reason I wanted to take this is to learn how to print on my weavings, and when I asked about that he had several different tactics as to how I to go about it. Very knowledgeable people.

And as for my next printing project, I think I might try hand towels!”


“DIY Ideas for Weddings, Bat/Bar Mitzvahs & Other Events”
February 1st, 2012

“Three letters … DIY … Do It Yourself

Do you get frightened by the sound of it?  Would you pay anyone to do it, whatever “it” is, for you?  Or does DIY immediately spark your interest and excitement – giving you a chance to display your creativity, craftiness, and sometimes get others involved for a fun team effort!

With bat and bar mitzvah planning in full gear, and the wedding season fast approaching, we wanted to share with you the option of DIY workshops. With the guidance of professionals, you can design and create almost anything and add your own unique and personal touches to your event.

Here are some DIY workshops to check out in the New York area. If you have any other suggestions, add them to the comments section below.


Gowanus Print Lab

Gowanus Print Lab offers DIY Wedding, a week-long workshop designed to help couples create everything paper they need for their wedding Invitations, save the date cards, place cards, thank you notes, menus, even favors – everything! No experience necessary- an expert will be by your side from design stage through final print. All supplies (other than paper) are included!

The Stationery Workshop is another great class. Project ideas include invitations, thank you notes, birthday cards, holiday cards. Select a stationery design and learn how to print your own edition.
Whether you’re planning a wedding, birthday party, bat or bar mitzvah, or a bridal shower (great mother-daugher day!), the workshops at Gowanus Print Lab are great options…”

F’d In Park Slope423968615384439399955921978851546161415639776771

“The FIPS Guide to Best Brooklyn Classes”
January 3rd, 2012

“…Remember all of those really cool kids in High School who would draw all over their sneakers? And even though they were usually high, and pretty stupid, and often threatened to beat you up, their converse sneaks always still looked really hot? Well, GOWANUS PRINT LAB remembers those kids too, and they’d like to save you a shitload of money in therapy by teaching you how to make your Converse look hot too…and not with a sharpie either. 

In this PRINT YOUR OWN CONVERSE CLASS, you can send in your artwork ahead of time and GPL will prepare the files and the screens for you. And you don’t even need any screenprinting experience–they walk you through the whole damn thing. 

This workshop lasts 3 hours and costs $80 bucks if you want to bring your own Chucks, or $130 if you’d like them to provide the shoes for you. They have a class coming up on Wednesday, January 18th and Saturday, February 25th. 

And if screenprinting baby pandas on your sneakers ain’t your thang, they have a pretty rad list of additional classes that might tickle your fancy. I’m kind of dying to take the NEEDLEPOINT SCREENPRINTING CLASS, but the DESIGNING & PUBLISHING EBOOKS FOR THE IPAD class also looks super fab….” 

Brooklyn Bliss441089537888256584502

“The 12 Dates of Christmas / Date 4”
December 22nd, 2011

“Jim and I a while back had purchased some Living Social coupons for a screen printing class at Gowanus Print Labs.  I’m horrible in that I never use my “groupons”, so considering these were a tad bit more expensive, we scheduled our class WAY in advance.  In hindsight, I’m really glad we scheduled it for the holiday season because it was such a fun activity to do together. 

Gowanus Print Labs is a beautiful print studio in you guessed it, the Gowanus neighborhood of Brooklyn. Housed in an industrial area, I was pleasantly surprised at how large, bright and clean it was.  They also had some sick graffiti throughout the studio.

The class starts off with you either drawing or printing out your acetate stencil.  Jim and I both brought digital files to play with, and they printed it out for us on the clear plastic acetate.  From there, they showed us how to make a photo emulsion stencil, which is what we’d use to actually print.

They had hundreds of colors for us to choose from to print with, or we could mix our own.  We also had the option to print one tee-shirt, or a few art prints.  I opted for the tee with a dark gray ink, and Jim opted for the paper with neon yellow ink.

Here’s my finished product!  I’m actually going to take this tee-shirt and cut it up and re-style it into a rock and roll style shirt.  It came out awesome!

I can’t speak for Jim, but I totally fell in love with screen printing.  Though I went to art school, print making was the one class I never took but always wanted to.  Knowing now there are several studios you can rent time at to screen print makes my mind swirl with all sorts of ideas for tee-shirt and poster projects.  I can’t wait to print more!

Have you ever screen printed or taken a creative class with your significant other?”

Brooklyn Spaces17064761863950_orig12092949841499

“Gowanus Print Lab”
November 15th, 2011

“… The space is huge and comfy and inviting, with great art on the walls, studio members hard at work at the many tables and machines, and incredibly friendly teachers and staff. I was invited to take the Intro to Screenprinting class, which (thankfully) covered all the basics, and though I’ve got no drawing eye whatsoever and had never even touched a screen before, I totally made a shirt that I’m not at all embarrassed to wear…”

The Brooklyn Prospect87410083756082

“Art Flows in Gowanus”
October 19, 2011

“…Around the corner from BAG, Gowanus Print Lab co-founder Ashley Hildreth shows me their six-color printing press.

“If you wanted to print 1,000 Shirts in a day you would use something like this.  Each of these screens rotates. And so all of these are kind of set up so that they are aligned with each other so I can go and I can print this purple, I can spin it, I can print the pink, yellow and the blue.”

The Print Lab has a similar model to BAG.   With memberships at $200 a month there are currently about 40 members who range from hobbyist to entrepreneur…”

The Brooklyn Paper

“Say ‘I Do’ to Making Your Own Wedding Invites at a DIY Workshop”
October 6, 2011

“In this cash-strapped economy, lovebirds about to take the plunge are planning their weddings on the cheap — and saying “I do” to do-it-yourself.

Before walking down the aisle, a half-dozen brides and grooms will roll up their sleeves, slap on an apron, grab a squeegie and screen print their own save-the-dates, invitations, place cards and thank-you notes, at a week-long DIY Wedding Workshop at the Gowanus Print Lab, Oct. 14–19.

“People have taken on the do-it-yourself ethic, and are styling their own invitations and table placements more and more,” said Ashley Hildreth, owner of Gowanus Print Lab. “There are a lot of brides who are control freaks, and want to make sure it’s done right.”

The workshop consists of five three-hour classes, during which couples create and consult on a concept, make sketches and digital templates, select the right paper, shoot the silkscreens and hand-print their invites — no experience is necessary…”


“DIY T-Shirts (and Free Drinks) at Print Lab Birthday Party”
September 29th, 2011

“The Gowanus Print Lab turns a year old this Saturday! You know, the Gowanus Print Lab? That really cool screen printing workspace that offers tools, classes, workshops and exhibition space for emerging artists? They’re celebrating by giving YOU something: the chance to screen print your own T shirts and buttons for free! The party this Saturday boasts free cocktails courtesy of SoBe (yes, we just said FREE DRANKS) and beats by DJ J. Dayz, in addition to making your own stuff in the Print Lab. Partygoers can get a glimpse at the screen printing process and bring their own shirts, or buy them there to print their choice of several urban-cool designs. SoBe will be giving away a limited number of T-shirts, skateboards and posters.

The party is 7-11 at Gowanus Print Labs, 54 Second Ave. We suggest getting there on the early side, before all the free crap runs out. But, like, not so early that you look like a weirdo. Maybe like 8:30 or 9? Okay, cool.


“This Week: Jaws, Superfreaks and Rock Operas!”
August 2, 2011

“…DIY STATIONARY: Bored with the cheesetastic Hallmark cards at your local Duane Reade? Printing palace Gowanus Print Lab is giving you the chance to design and make your own stationary using their materials. Just send them your design motif before the class and the staff will help you make your stationary dreams come true! Create a set of “Condolences On Your Bed Bug Infestation” postcards or “RSVP To Our Divorce Party!” invitations. Or just take this opportunity to create some really pretty thank you notes to send Grandma for the $5 she sent you for your birthday two months ago.”

Gowanus Your Face Off9507338

“Weekend Hangover: Studio As Petri Dish”
August 1st, 2011

“On Friday we scrubbed up and wandered into Gowanus Print Lab’s opening reception for Studio as Petri Dish. The gallery features artists from GPLs Studio and shows mixed media works with a wide variety of themes. We got all scientific and thought it be best to talk about a few pieces from the exhibit, which explores different artists works in a single environment…”

Art News

“Share and Share Alike”
June, 2011

“…The newest addition to the area is the Gowanus Print Lab, established by Ashley Hildreth in October of last year. She began screen printing while studying at the School of Visual Arts, and realized after graduation that her small apartment wouldn’t accommodate a full-service print shop. She opened Gowanus Print Lab with her employer, Brian Kraiem, a commercial printer who runs his business on the same block.

Hildreth aims to make screen printing gear accessible to anyone who needs it, “from the accomplished screen print artist producing limited edition prints to the Girl Scout troop leader looking for a creative activity,” she says. The studio is equipped with a curing oven for finishing fabric, a vast supply of water- and oil-based inks, screens, printing tables and an exhibition space.  Gowanus Print Lab has between 25 and 30 members but an additional 70 individuals use the facility on a daily or weekly basis”

Yahoo! Sports

“Design Your Own Skateboard Deck at the Gowanus Print Lab in Brooklyn, NY, on June 5th”
May 31st, 2011

“If you are one of the lucky skateboarding fans attending the Maloof Money Cup in New York City this weekend you may want to also pencil in some time for engaging in a little skateboarding creativity of your own. The Gowanus Print Lab located on 54 Second Street in Brooklyn is hosting a three hour, Print Your Own Skate Deck Workshop. It is a great opportunity for those who want to customize their skateboard but don’t have the right equipment to do so…”

New York Magazine

“Help Yourself”
March 14th-21st, 2011

“… Come out to Gowanus for this two-night class, and you can immediately sawthe your walls in your very own designs. The first night offers an introduction to printing in repeat patterns and multiple colors; on the second you get help putting your own designs on 30-foot rolls of wall paper…”

Realty Collective

“Gowanus Print Lab”
February 22nd, 2011

“Gowanus Print Lab is one of the coolest secrets hidden among the warehouses and auto body shops of that deceivingly desolate area next to Park Slope. Whether you are an inexperienced beginner or a seasoned screen printer the Lab has something for everyone, from weekend workshops and classes, to studio space rentals.

Gowanus Print Lab is a fully-loaded screen printing workspace whose main focus is to provide its members with everything one could need to complete a variety of screen printing projects. They provide pretty much all the materials: water based and plastisol inks, emulsions, squeegees, even screens! You just need to bring your artwork.

Their exposure unit can handle a scren up to 43 x 55 inches so you can print pretty large scale, great for huge posters or textile repeats. And they have large format printers for printing your film positives, priced by the square inch.

Classes range form the usual intro to screen printing, to the awesome Print your Own Converse Sneakers workshop happening later this week! Past workshops include one on printing wallpaper, and a whole week of workshops on starting your own t shirt business. If you know what your doing and would rather go it alone, the Print Lab also offers studio space rental by the day, week, and month, and also an option to rent private studio pace depending on availability…”

New York Magazine

“Best Bets”
January 3rd-10th, 2011

“…The new screen-printing studio Gowanus Print Lab is planning some interesting courses for 2011, from wallpaper printing to Make Your Own Band Swag. First up: a Print Your Own Converse workshop. Zebadiah Keneally- a Syracuse printmaking grad- will help you create a template to custom-decorate a pair of Chucks…”