No order is ever alike – therefore, all quotes are created on a case by case basis. If you’d like a quote on an order, please give us a call or send us an email and we would be happy to discuss your project with you.

If you need to meet with us to discuss your project, you MUST call us or make an appointment. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to meet with walk-ins to discuss orders. Please email artwork, a description of the project, and quantities in advance.


If it’s flat, we’ll print on it. Part of the beauty of screen printing is its versatility to be performed on a variety of surfaces, and we’re not shy to tackle any of them. Some of the things we print include apparel, tote bags, posters, stationery, signage, and custom wallpaper & fabric to name a few.


What do you want to print?
– Are they custom tees? posters? envelopes? etc..

How many pieces do you want to print?
– Keep in mind – the larger the quantity of the order, the cheaper it is per piece!

How many colors are in the design?
A screen must be created for each color in the design. More colors means more screens, which will increase the cost.

Are there any special inks or techniques you’d like us to use?
– We print with some wild materials here at the lab including (but not limited to) diamond dust, wet glitter, dry glitter, foil, flocking, puff, metallics, enamel inks + more). If you don’t know about these – ASK!

How do you plan on submitting your artwork?
– Illustrator and high resolution 300dpi to size, Photoshop files are highly recommended. For artwork requirements and suggestions, please see below or discuss details with your sales representative.


1. ART

– Illustrator files must be sent at actual size with all fonts outlined.

– Photoshop files must be submitted with a resolution of at least 300dpi at actual size w/unflattened layers.

– We do not accept Word, Powerpoint, Excel, RTF, GIF, PNG or Bitmap files.

– We offer artwork services to clean up files if you are not able to produce a quality image. Remember, your print can only be as good as your art!

– All equipment used to print your job remains property of GPL and is not for sale. This includes, but is not limited to screens, transparencies, squeegees, etc.

– Film positives and screens remain property of GPL and are not for sale.

Maximum Apparel Sizing:
– Please keep in mind that each order will use only one image size. So the max area may not fit on a small for example, but fit properly on an XL. Please consider sizing in relationship to the size breakdown of your garments!

Standard Tee: 15×20
Oversized: 19×27

All-over prints:
Limited to 1-color / Max sizing 40x36H”

– Best results are achieved with waterbase or discharge inks. Results will vary, especially around the seams and arm holes. We recommend distressed or rough imagery when printing over the seams. Inconsistencies in ink deposits over the seams is normal and to be expected. For additional colors, an all-over print is typically accompanied by an additional print printed on top of the all over. This look is achieved by printing in two phases.

Standard Poster Sizing:

18×24 (.5″ margin on 19×25 paper)

24×36 (1″ margin on width, 2″ margins top/bottom on 26×40 paper).


All proofing will be done digitally via email. If you require a digital proof, the Print Lab will contact you prior to setting up your order to set up an approximate time for you to view your sample before your order heads into production. Failure to answer when we attempt to contact you at the established time will result in a delay in your order.

We offer color drawdowns on poster and paper prints for an additional charge. To see one completed piece of a paper job as a proof, there is an additional charge.


Pantone colors can be requested for color reference only. If you require an EXACT Pantone match, your order will be subject to a color match fee.

– For Apparel Orders (plastisol inks) please use the Coated Pantone Book.
– For Paper Orders (waterbase inks) please use the Uncoated Pantone Book.
– For Enamel Inks (wood/glass/other surfaces) please use the Coated Pantone Book.

We cannot offer Pantone matching for Discharge printing shirts. Pantones may be provided for reference, ONLY. Discharge inks will only work on 100% cotton. As we cannot control dye lots for the garments, results may vary from piece to piece.


All garments supplied to the GPL for screen printing must arrive new and unwashed.

If providing garments for multiple designs, garments must be sorted and clearly labeled for each design. Individually bagged items must be unbagged and sorted by size. Bagged and/or unsorted goods are subject to a $50 sorting fee.

Customers should supply a detailed list of garments being supplied including brand / style number / color / size / quantity.

GPL reserves the right to refuse to print on certain fabrics and/or surfaces at our discretion.

GPL will not accept outside paper for paper jobs. If you have a specific paper weight/finish/brand, please make it clear to us so we can source it for you.


While we do not uphold a minimum on quantity, we do have an order minimum of $200. We do not have an online pricelist, nor will we email you one. Each job is quoted to order.

Up to 10% under run is acceptable. On larger orders, this percentage decreases. If you are supplying the goods, please be sure to provide extra if you need an exact quantity.


Our typical turnaround time is 7-10 business days from receipt of payment and artwork. Paper and flatstock orders have a turnaround time of 2-3 weeks. If you are supplying the goods, your order will not be scheduled until we receive them. Please note that we do not accept outside paper. Art prints & editions, and custom fabrics or wallpapers may take longer. Please consult with a sales representative to discuss deadlines and turnaround times.

Sometimes receipt of goods can be delayed due to backorders from the distributor. We will communicate promptly with you if this occurs, but this can cause delays in turnaround time.


Orders needed before our typical turnaround time will incur a rush fee as follows:

Same-Day Turnaround: 100%
24 hours add 50%
2-3 days add 40%
4-6 days add 25%


Orders being shipped will be done so via UPS Ground. Ship time is additional to expected turnaround time. Please consider this when placing time-sensitive orders!


All print work done by the Gowanus Print Lab is subject to photography and/or video documentation to be used for advertising or purposes of demonstration unless otherwise noted by the client.


Payment must be made in full before we can process your order. We accept Cash, Credit Cards and PayPal payments. We do not accept checks.

Orders cannot be cancelled once payment and final approval is made.


Please call email promptly if there are errors or problems with your order. Refunds will be awarded on a case by case basis.

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