‘Emotional Rescue’ Opening Reception

MK Medlock’s first ever solo show, Emotional Rescue, debuted on November 10th and will remain open through Thursday, December 8th. A collection of MK’s angels, demons, loves, fears, highs and lows recorded over a time period of two years, using multiple mediums, with no common connection except one thing: MK, just a regular woman using creativity as way to understand and love herself more, alchemizing her dark night of the soul into light.

Art is a form of self-expression and in MK’s case it most certainly is true, as her journey is spilled out, feelings translated in abstract art, in any way she could get them out. Glitter, neon, crayons, tee shirt ink, magazine editorials, self-portraits are just a few of the mediums utilized to form this “emotional” collection.


Photographer: Justin Passavia, WanderPack Photo

Curator: Jeff Beeler

Producer: Catherine Taveras

Champagne and Nibble sponsored by: Angel Green at Mivida Market

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